Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cannon Fodder!

Quick post about the aformentioned cannon fodder that littered the battle field and gave my friends and I some of the funniest moments of our toy playing days. Generally, the CF's were composed of figures that were gifts from distant relatives or from a seemingly oblivious Santa Claus. Ladie's and Gentlemen, here are your losers!

(Lurch,unknown batguy,Charlene,Honker Muddlefoot,Earl,Fester)*

* I had to look up the Darkwing and Dinosaurs series for Honker's and Charlene's names. More frightening, when I originally found Earl, his name instantly came to me. More then likely caused by his numerous, hilarious deaths nearly twenty years ago.

Another pic of the eternally doomed

As you can see these are some of the lamest figures any kid could get. Two figures each(!) from the Addams Family and Dinosaurs. Along with the nerdt kid from Darkwing Duck and some weird, one eyed bat thing. Needless to say they all suffered crippling death after crippling death. Especially Earl. Usually he would accidently bump into one of the more powerful character's on the battlefield before getting absolutely annihilated. Out of these freaks, only Lurch had a chance of killing a rival figure.

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